Lead Roofing In Maidstone

 Lead Roofing – Maidstone

At RT Alkin we have over 10 years commercial experience in lead roofing in Maidstone and throughout Kent as well as East Sussex and London. No matter how large or small your requirements, we provide a complete and specialist service. Taking care of all your lead roofing maintenance, repair and replacement needs. Domestic or Commercial.

Lead is renowned for its durability, and when properly laid will outlast all other coverings. It is without question the most preferred form of protective weathering. Not just used for durability, lead creates a desirable look and can really set off any roofscape.

Ensuring that the right type of lead roofing work is always quoted for and put into practice. Our aim is to ensure you get value for your money. We will never do any work that isn’t required. Surveying your lead roof to ensure it really needs replacement work is the first step. If the cladding, flashings and lead sheets are in good condition, with some minor issues we will only recommend patch repair.

Typical roofing repairs tend to involve welding small lead repair patches over splits. This creates a permanent repair for you. This type of lead roofing repair can be more cost efficient. In some cases completely replacing the damaged sections of the lead roofing will be required. We will always ensure that you approve any work before starting.

Proud to be a family run business. Our lead roofing in Ashford and throughout Kent, East Sussex and London is always carried out with pride.

Whatever your lead roofing needs. Whether it be repair or maintenance.

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