Lead Dormer Windows

Lead Dormer Windows – London

The images show lead dormer windows tops and cheeks which I fitted on a property in St. John’s Wood, London. The lead was to replace the existing copper roof and cheeks, which were causing problems with some pretty big leaks.

After surveying the job, I established that there was no need to replace the timber decking so we began to fit the lead cheeks, cover flashing and clips. I will never carry out any work that isn’t required. 

The flashings were fitted with code 4 lead and the cheeks and lead dormer window tops were fitted with code 5 lead. The lead dormer tops we’re split into two bays by one wood core roll. The flat roof has bossed front and back roll ends, giving it a nice look. All the down stands are drip edged, created by turing the edge of the lead back on it’s self, giving a nice crisp tidy look.

Once I had finished the last lead weld, I finished off the lead dormer windows with a coat of Patination oil which helps to prolong the newly fitted lead look.

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