Lead Valley

Lead Valley – Biddenden

Vranov nad Topľou Here we have a Lead Valley, on a property in Biddenden, Kent, which was causing several leaks within the property. After gaining access to the lead valley, the main problems became apparent. The timber work wasn’t sufficient enough to cope with heavy rain fall and was causing water to run back over the timber decking. This had been happening for quite sometime so had caused the timber to rot so complete re-decking was required.

A couple of other issues found was the absence of a timber tilt under the lead and tiling, which creates a kick for the tiles and prevents snow from driving up the lead valley, during wintery months. Also the lead bays were oversized, for the ‘Code’ of lead which had been previously fitted, causing them to split.

After showing the images to the client and explaining the survey findings, the first thing to do was to strip back the rotten timber and treat the old structural timber where necessary. The new OSB decking was then fitted, creating the correct sized lead bays.  The new ‘Code 6‘ lead valley bays, with the tilt, were then fitted.

Due to the typical British weather, this job had to be worked on in sections to prevent further leaks from the driving rain!

For another example of a Lead Valley I have fitted, please see Lead Valley, Flimwell or Lead Valley Bays, Wadhurst. For a wider portfolio, please see the Projects section or contact me to discuss anything further.


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