Stable Roofing Project

Stable Roofing Project – Woodchurch I was commissioned to install this corrugated roof by a client  whom I have worked with on a few different roofing projects; including removing ridge and hip tiles from his barn conversion and refitting, due to storm damage. The stable block is no longer used for horses, but is now used as a large work and storage area. Unfortunately the existing Onduline roof was tired and starting to let in the elements, as well as birds who were making quite a mess.

After surveying the roof, I discovered that there would be no way we’d be able to do patch repairs, so it was decided that a new roof was needed. I  considered all the alternative replacement roof materials, as I was not happy to use Onduline again. Onduline has a shorter life span than other roofing material, and in my opinion, never looks good for long. I recommended that we use a Black top grade, box profile, corrugated sheet; Top grade meaning it is a thicker tin with a plastic coating. The sheet also had an anti-condensation material on the underside.

The client was happy with this choice, so the project could begin. We started by stripping off the old roof sheet, disposing of this in a skip at our unit, reducing the mess at the clients property. We stripped off in bays and refitted the new corrugated sheet as we went, to prevent being caught out by any bad weather.

There was only a couple of alterations we needed to make to the timber work. It needed a little packing out to bring the joists level again. Once complete, we were able to start fitting the new roof sheets, fixing down with self-tapping screws, which are then covered with a plastic cap. Once the long stretches of roof had been fitted, we began cutting and fitting the sheets to the pitch valleys. These were the only cuts we needed to make as I had ordered the profile sheets cut to size, saving time and money.

Once all of the sheets were fitted, we could begin to fit the ridge caps, along with the foam inserts which would keep out the elements and the birds. These were also fitted on the wall plates and valleys, completing the job and leaving the new stable roof tightly sealed.

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