Lead Chimney Flashings

 Lead Chimney Flashings

where to buy Ivermectin Lead chimney flashing are the traditional flue flashing. The lead is malleable and can fit in with the contours profiled roof tiles as well as working well with slate roofs. The collar is lead welded to the flashing and sized to fit tightly around the twin wall flue. With lead roof flashings, an appropriate storm collar is required.

The purpose of lead chimney flashing is to form a water proof bridge between the sides, front and back of the chimney and the roof structure and is normally constructed out of lead.

If you are installing lead flashings to a chimney you always need to start at the lowest point of the visible chimney above the finished roof. This is because gravity obviously takes water downwards, so the top part of any joint should overlap the section underneath, as with roof tiles themselves.

Stepped lead flashings are the flashings which make the side of the chimney water tight; they follow the roof pitch up to the rear of the chimney and return around the rear of the chimney.

We offer a range of flexible roof flashings for the installation of a wide range of pipe sizes through a variety of roof types. Contact us today for more information and look some recent lead chimney flashing job we worked on in Cranbrook.

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