Lead Chimney Flashings

Lead Chimney Flashings – Cranbrook

modafinil nootropic buy This was a local job on a property in Cranbrook, Kent. The owners contacted me after having problems with their chimney after recently purchasing the house. They were experiencing leaks so asked if I could take a look to see what the problem was.

For every job I undertake, I carry out a complete survey to identify exactly what is causing the leak or damp, and assess whether other parts of the chimney or building have been damaged. Working with the customer, my aim is to solve the the problem as easily and effectively as possible.

This survey highlighted that the problem was that the existing lead chimney flashings which had been fitted in two halves. This meant that one half of the flashing had slipped and the soakers had eroded causing damp. This is a common problem with chimneys. To resolve the problem required the chimney pots to be re-flaunched and sections of  patch pointing were needed. The images below map the process of replacing the lead chimney flashings, showing the before and after results.

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