Lead Chimney Flashings

Palín These two chimneys in Rye were both leaking, causing the client lots of issues. As you can see from the images, they had tiles cemented down each side of the chimney, which had come away from the brick work. This, along with the tin soakers eroding, are very common problems with chimneys, a cause of leaks.

Once I stripped back the old tiling, it became apparent that the batten had rotted with long term water ingress on the right hand side, near the verge. This needed to be stripped back, re-battened and tiled before I could start fitting the new lead chimney flashings.

Now the timber work had been made good, as well as resoaked and tiled, I could then start fitting new code 4 lead chimney flashings. With every chimney I work on, I weld the front aprons and back gutters, enabling me to keep the correct covering laps, ensuring that as much strength stays in the lead as possible.

I use traditional lead wedges to fit all my lead chimney flashings and always repoint with a mortar mix, which I match as near as I can to the age and colour of the property.

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