Lead Porch

Lead Porch – Flat Roof – Sevenoaks

debauchedly A local building company recommended me to fit a lead roof on this new porch they had built in Sevenoaks, Kent. Before starting I met with the client to discuss options and variation, as I do with all of my projects, to make sure they were happy with my plans for the lead porch.

You can see that the roof has a 50mm step in it, this is to create a waterproof join in the lead. The reason we do not fit lead in long lengths is that when fitted oversized it allows the lead to ruck and split with gradual/thermal movement. Take a look at this diagram to see what the maximum recommended sizes of sections, bays and panels are.

On the left hand side of the lead porch, there is a layboard that runs up the roof, no less that 225mm, that supports  the lead. I fitted the tilt fillet to this for two reasons: 1. It creates a kick for the tile. 2. To prevent snow and water making it’s way over the lead porch.

I then fitted the lead underlay, allowing the lead to move more freely and began laying out the wood core roll that divided the lead bays into even and correct sizes. Once laid out, I began forming and filling the code 5 lead bays with bossed roll end and welded backs. I have always bossed my lead roll end as I believe it looks nicer than welded roll end, or welded box corners. This saves time and leaves strength in the lead for years to come.

On this particular porch, I was asked not to fit a drip edge to the down side, at the front edge, as it was leading into guttering and would not be seen. I would normally create a drip edge as it would leave a neater finish.

As you can see from the images, the lead porch was part of a large extension to the property, unfortunately I was unable to get images of the completed porch, rendered and tiled, as building continued after I left.

For another example of a lead porch please see Lead Canopy Sevenoaks or Lead Porch Rolvenden. For more of my portfolio click through to the Projects section.

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